Posted on: November 25, 2009 3:33 am

The case for starting Tarvaris Jackson

I looked at every season since 2005 and broke it down between "start" and "finish". Here are the numbers

2005 Start (6 games): 148/222 (66.7%), 7.08 average, 14 TD, 8 TD, 93.1 Rating
2005 Finish (10 games): 224/385 (58.2%), 6.00 average, 6 TD, 21 INT, 58.0 Rating

2006 Start (9 games): 203/252 (57.7%), 6.52 average, 13 TD, 7 INT, 81.3 Rating
2006 Finish (7 games): 140/261 (53.6%), 6.09 average, 5 TD, 11 INT, 61.0 Rating

2007 Start (11 games): 291/425 (68.5%), 7.90 average, 22 TD, 8 INT, 101.5 Rating
2007 Finish (5 games): 65/110 (59.1%), 7.26 average, 6 TD, 7 INT, 73.3 Rating

2008 Start (11 games): 245/347 (70.6%), 7.09 average, 20 TD, 13 INT, 94.1 Rating
2008 Finish: (5 games): 98/175 (56.0%), 5.78 average, 2 TD, 9 INT, 55.2 Rating

2009 Start (10 games): 216/310 (69.7%), 8.01 average, 21 TD, 3 INT, 112.1 Rating
2009 Finish (5 games): ???

Throughout his "starts" to the seasons since 2005, he has a 96.5 QB Rating
Throughout his "finishes" to the seasons since 2005, he has a 60.1 QB Rating
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Posted on: March 4, 2008 5:07 pm

Favre Retires. Saves Self Embarrassment, Legacy

I've never bought into that "tarnishing his legacy" thing. When Jordan was on the Wizards it didn't take anything away from what he did with Chicago, and I loved the fact that I would get to watch him for a couple more seasons. I certainly did not want Favre to retire because I do think he's better than Aaron Rodgers. Not to mention he's probably Wisconsin's greatest athlete of all time (between him and Hank Aaron)

That being said if Favre would've returned this season he would've struggled. His career dropped off a cliff 2004. In the three seasons since then he has been a below average NFL QB. His average season since 2005 was: 357 completions, 585 attempts, 3974 yards, 22 touchdowns, 21 interceptions, and a 79.06 quarterback rating. Considering he threw more passes than any other QB over the last three years it artificially inflated his touchdown and yardage total, but I always felt the most accurate measure when judging a QB is by using the QB rating and Favre's 79.1 QB rating over the past three seasons is lower than the league average (including backups). His QB rating in Green Bay's four losses last season was 57.4

Last season there were people saying he was back, and he even earned an MVP vote. Neither could've been more wrong. His stats were a mirage and that MVP vote was a joke. Yeah he started out the season playing very well (what I called a fluke) but his production again fell off steeply in the final seven weeks of the season. He had a 82.1 QB rating in that stretch and averaged 173 yards per game with 11 TDs and 9 INTs. You can usually tell how a player will do next season by seeing how they did in at the end of last season. If this were to hold true for Favre (which I believe it would have), he would've struggled next year and ended his career on a sour note. But because Favre decided to hang it up this year he will be remembered for his great final season and leaving the game on top the way his Super Bowl 32 counterpart John Elway did. And look how overrated Elway is now because of it. Favre won't have to go through the scrutiny that Jordan and so many other athletes did for "hanging on too long" (which by the way is a bunch of BS, but perception is reality)
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